Sports and Leisure Study to 2034

We’re committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our residents and to ensure we are ready for the future needs of our growing communities we commissioned a Sports Facilities Study in 2017 (updated in 2018).

This was designed to forecast sport and recreation needs up to 2034 to reflect growth in the district. The study is aligned to the Local Plan 2034 (LINK). 

Part 1: Background and context

This document sets out some of the key trends in leisure activity in South Oxfordshire and provide an assessment of demand for and use of existing facilities and highlighting potential locations for future provision:

Part 2: Sports facilities study

Providing an assessment on the built sporting and recreational infrastructure within the district

Part 3: Playing pitch study

An examination of the provision within the district for artificial grass pitches, also pitches for football, cricket, rugby union and hockey

Part 4: Local leisure facilities study

Looking at the provision within the district for village and community halls, outdoor bowls and outdoor tennis

Part 5: Open spaces

This document examines open spaces, parks and gardens, children’s play areas, young people’s spaces and allotments.

We will develop an assessment plan (CAN WE ELABORATE FURTHER) on how the results of the Leisure Study will be delivered (IS THERE A COMPLETION DATE FOR THIS ). Following this we will continue to consult with sports clubs and community groups about their developing needs and the information they give us will be used in proposals for any new facilities and developer contributions through S106 / CIL funds (LINK).

The study is designed as a guide for our planning policy to secure new or improved facilities in line with proposed developments of communities within the district. It doesn’t mean we will automatically provide or take responsibility for more facilities.