Councillor community grants

Each councillor in our district has up to £5,000 available to support projects or services that benefit the community in their ward area. The minimum available to projects is £250.

Basic rules of the scheme

  • Projects must benefit the community in the councillor’s ward area
  • The minimum grant is £250 and the maximum £5,000 for each councillor (budget permitting)
  • We can fund up to 100 per cent of the total cost of a project (budget permitting)
  • The total project cost for applications for capital projects is £10,000 or less (one-off revenue projects have no such maximum)
  • If successful, you must complete the project within 12 months of our grant award decision

Who is eligible?

  • Town and parish councils and parish meetings (unless they operate a grant scheme of their own or budget for giving grants/donations in their annual budget)
  • Local constituted ‘not for profit’ organisations whose primary purpose is to benefit the residents of South Oxfordshire.

Who is not eligible?

  • Other local authorities/public sector bodies (for example Oxfordshire County Council, NHS trusts)
  • Groups who raise funds on behalf of or will improve/create facilities that will predominately benefit an ineligible organisation (like PTAs delivering projects to benefit their school)
  • Individuals (this includes making any payments to individuals on behalf of community groups)
  • Profit-based businesses (private businesses)
  • Political and lobbying groups
  • Organisations who give grants or fund other not-for-profit organisations
  • Nationwide organisations

Please note you will need to provide a recent bank statement for each account held in your organisation’s name to support your application (no more than two months old).

The following documents must also be available upon request (For Audit purposes we will check these for every fifth application and organisations we’ve not funded in the last 12 months):

  • A copy of your governing document (like a constitution, set of rules, articles of association etc)
  • Detailed financial records
  • Confirmation that the organisation has named officers, members or trustees on a management committee/board

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